Official SIE Merchandise & Apparel

SIE Merchandise Sale - Items and Sizes Left in Stock

The SIE National Office will sell its stock at a significant discount and will not be ordering additional merchandise.

Local chapters may create their own SIE t-shirts, etc., WITH APPROVAL OF DESIGN from the SIE National Office.

Please note the sizes available listed.

T-shirts, short-sleeved, color “natural,” in M, L, and X-Large (no small sizes) - $8 each
T-shirts, long-sleeved, color “natural” or “maroon” – M, L, and XL - $8 each
Polo shirt, short-sleeved, color “maroon” in L or XXL only - $15 each
Polo shirt, short-sleeved, color “natural” in M only - $15 each
Caps – maroon - $8 each
Caps – maroon with “natural” bill - $8 each
Beanies - $6 each
Hoodie – maroon, M, L, and XL - $14 each
Hoodie – natural, L and XL only - $14 each
Sweatshirt, maroon, in M, L, or XL - $12 each
Sweatshirt, natural, in L and XL only - $12 each
Windbreaker – tan with maroon accents, M and L only - $25 each
Leather/wool “varsity” SIE jacket - $99 (originally $215)

All prices include shipping. If you have questions, please email me:

Payments: All checks or money orders should be payable to “SIE National Office” and mailed to:

Brenda E. Ogden
Director of Chapter Relations
162 Rockwell Hall, College of Business
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1201


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